Advantage Cranes

Provides a host of current technology and in depth training courses for industry.

  • Executing real time projects using industry’s most sought after tools & its best practices.
  • Rich mix of in-house trainers, industry consultants and subject matter experts.
  • Team’s ability to map core engineering subject knowledge to industry applications & innovative solutions.
  • Over 150 leading companies hire Cranes Varsity's trained “Project-ready Professionals”.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure facilities.

Training Offerings

  • Career Training
  • Corporate Training
  • College Workshops
  • Working Professionals

Training Facility

Cranes Varsity offers 40,000 sq.ft. training area with all adequate facilities which includes 8 online classrooms with over 250 computers and Projector in every class room. The hardware labs are equipped with kits like LPC 2148, MSP 430, ARM based boards, Spartan & Vertex series FPGA Boards. DSP labs has all essential software’s like MATLAB, SIMULINK, CC studio and DSP kits like TMS 320 C6000 series and OMAP L-138 kits.

Trainer Expertise

Cranes Varsity Technical team has well over 2500 man years of experience and deep expertise in hands-on design & development of Embedded Systems,DSP and MMS, coupled with a best-in-class customer list. The technical training team is a dedicated team of faculty with rich and diverse background in R&D, rapid prototyping, system design & validation, project development, cross development expertise, Optimization, debugging & testing.

Technical Skill Matrix

C, C++, C++ 11, JAVA, ASM,Verilog, VHDL,System Verilog, OVM, OUM Architecture

DSP: C6000, C54x, C55x ARM: ARM7/9/11 & Cortex Embedded: 8085, 8086, 8051, Rabbit 2000 processor, TMS470, MSP430, PowerPC, Renesas R8C, Spartan 3, Spartan 6FPGA

Code Composer Studio, Code Warrior, Real View Development Suite, DS-5, IAR, Keil, Tornado 2 and Workbench 2.5 and High performance embedded workbench(HEW), GNU, Microsoft Visual Studio, Code blocks, Eclipse, Xilinx ISE, Modelsim

RTOS Concepts, VxWorks 5.4 and 6.3, uC/OS ,pSOS, Embedded Linux, DSP/BIOS

Mobile OS

OMAP & Davinci

DSP CODECS on Cortex A8, ARM11 & DSPC6000, uC/OS in Rabbit 2000 processor ,MSP430 and MS470, vxWorks 5.4 on MBX860, VxWorks 6.3 on AT91RM9200

Black Hawk, XDS100, XDS510 & XDS550 , Jlink and E8

GDB, Gnu-Make, Profilers, Logic Analyzer & Oscilloscope

Network Protocols
TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP and Socket programming

Complete project life cycle from requirement analysis, design, development, testing and support