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Programs Training Level Duration
Embedded C Programming & Data structure 2 4 Days
Program Logic Development 2 3 Days
Expert C Programming 3 2 Days
Modern C++ 3 3 Days
SQL Using Oracle 2 5 Days
C Sharp / .NET / ASP.NET 2 4 Days
Python / Advance Python 2 4 Days
Programming in Java 2 5 Days
Programs Training Level Duration
Building an IoT Solution – An Overview 2 2 Days
Data Collection & Aggregation in IoT 2 2 Days
Data Processing & Control in IoT 2 2 Days
Connectivity Stacks in IoT – Near Field Connectivity 2 2 Days
Connectivity Stacks in IoT – IP Broadband backbone 2 2 Days
Security Challenges in IoT – Device & Data Security 2 1 Day
Power Management Challenges in IoT 2 1 Day
Programs Training Level Duration
Analytics for Beginner 2 2 Days
Data Science with R 2 3 Days
Hadoop 2 4 Days
Machine Learning 2 5 Days
Agile / Scrum Methodology 2 4 Days
Programs Training Level Duration
RTOS Fundamentals - Open Source / VxWorks 2 4 Days
Open CV 3 5 Days
Embedded Linux Porting on ARM Cortex - A8/A9 3 3 Days
Configuring, Cross Compiling & Build Linux image 2 1 Day
Linux Security hardening - SELinux 3 1 Day
Linux Kernel Internals 2 4 Days
Linux Booting - Bootloaders, secure boot and Device tree 2 1 Day
Programs Training Level Duration
Architecture Basics - A journey from Boot-up to Launcher 2 2 Days
Building ROM images and Debugging Tools 2 2 Days
Android Services and IPC mechanism 2 1 Day
HAL Architecture, Device interface to APP access 2 1 Day
Wireless Connectivity – BT, WiFi and RIL 2 2 Days
Android Security and the SELinux adoption 3 1 Day
Programs Training Level Duration
ARM Architecture and Programming 2 3 Days
Emb Communication Protocols - I2C, UART, SPI & CAN 2 4 Days
Programs Training Level Duration
Basic DSP Concepts Using Matlab & TMS320C6000 2 3 Days
DSP design using TMS320C6713 and CCS 3 3 Days
Digital Image Processing using MATLAB 3 3 Days
Mathematical Modeling and GUI Design using MATLAB 2 2 Days
Model Based Design using Simulink 2 2 Days
Logic Driven System Modeling Using Stateflow 2 1 Day
Autocode Generation 2 1 Day
Communication system design using Matlab & Simulink 2 5 Days
Programs Training Level Duration
Embedded Automotive C with MISRA C 2012 2 3 Days
AUTOSAR overview 2 2 Days
SDLC 2 3 Days
Digital and Analog Electronics for Control Systems 2 2 Days
PCB Design Overview - using ORCAD 2 3 Days
Programmable Gate Array (CPLDs / PSOC) 2 2 Days
Programs Training Level Duration
Team Building & Leadership Skills 2 3 Days
Stress Management 2 2 Days
Campus to Corporate Orientation 2 5 Days
Communication & Presentation Skills 2 2 Days
Problem Solving & Critical Thinking 2 2 Days
Personality Development 2 2 Days

Corporate Testimonials

Training on DSP and Trainer was excellent.

Vaibhav Salve – CDOT

This is an excellent program for those who plan to work on Signal Processing or Audio Processing.

Dipika Dutta - Schlumberger

Trainer did a wonderful job and its very loud and clear to one. I really appreciate the way trainer presented. He made the stuffs very simple to one and all. At the end I will say "Linux is piece of Cake!!"

Vinay Pratap - Honeywell Technology

ARM architecture training session was very good. The detail covered in the modules more impressive.

Karthik Vishwanathan - CDOT

The Trainer has a complete knowledge of the DSP Techniques. The problem- solution of various Matlab programs was discussed elaborately.

John C James - NPOL

The training programme on CAN and C from Cranes was very effective. The employees were really benefited out of this training programme.

Navya - Autoliv India Pvt Ltd

The Embedded Linux Training was really a knowledgeable session for our employees and most of them had a good exposure on latest technology delivered by the trainer. Thanks for your in time support.

Bikash Panda - Honeywell Technology

Had a great time learning the concepts at Cranes

Anirudh Pant - UTC Aerospace

Good Training and required for obtaining depth knowledge in advanced C and data structures, when it comes to an IT professional.

Joe Thomson – UTC Aerospace

The dedication of the trainer towards handling the sessions & teaching advanced topics is highly commendable.

Vinay Surendran - SONY

Now I can write program codes with better understanding of using certain concepts correctly. Thanks to Cranes !!

Hoorain Sayed – Gilbarco Veeder – Root India

Very good training on Embedded Linux.

Gourab Maiti – CDOT Bangalore

Thanks for this special training.

Mukund R --- Analog Devices, Bangalore

Truly excellent training on RTOS – Vxworks !!

Uday Golwelkar ---- Tech Mahindra

Good training on SDLC. Good communication skills, appropriate content and relevant examples on coding.

S Paulmurugan – TAFE Chennai