MTech Internship Program

Embedded System Design – 4 months

Objective of the M.Tech Internship program in Embedded System at cranes is to impart a strong understanding of the embedded systems concepts and its applications. Upon successful completion of the chosen program, candidates will have a sound framework for Evaluating, Designing, Developing, Implementing and Integrating embedded systems software projects in this high demand field and will understand the role of embedded engineer in the industries.


VLSI System Design – 4 months

VLSI Design M.Tech Internship course is focused to develop the practical knowledge on VLSI(FPGA) System design and verification , Candidates will get the complete practical hands-on about the latest FPGA Technologies, Simulation, synthesis and verification tools in the chip designing areas , which will enhance & shape their careers.


Signal Processing & Wireless Communication – 4 months

Signal Processing & Wireless Communication program provides a strong foundation on conceptual understanding as well as the design, development and implementation of real world signal processing applications deployed in the fields of Mobile Communications, Image/Audio Processing, Bio-Technology, consumer electronics, Military & Defense Security systems etc. Upon successful completion of the program students will have thorough understanding for Designing, Validation of algorithms, Coding, Debugging, Optimization, Testing and Integration of validated signal processing in the Real-Time environment.