Academic Projects


"Project Design & Development on Software & Hardware Platforms using Industry's most relevant Integrated Development Environments"

  • Hands-on industry standard tools
  • Ability to map core engineering subject knowledge to industry applications
  • Ability to present innovative solution for real time problems
  • Gain strong knowledge of Embedded / DSP software / Hardware debugging
  • Placement opportunities for deserving candidates


B.E / B.Tech (ECE, EEE, IT, IS, CSE)


15 days to 30 days


Embedded Hardware Software Application

Implementation of real time Embedded System using advanced ARM / Raspberry Pi

  • Advance Embedded Protocol Implementation
  • RTOS / Device Driver Development / IOT
  • Interfacing of Standalone Modules like GSM, Zig–Bee, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Robotics / Embedded Linux (Beaglebone, Raspberry Pi)

Application Areas: Wireless Communication, Consumer Electronics, Bio-medical, Defense, Automotive

Develop web & android based applications using SDLC process

  • Client-Server architecture using Java
  • Interfacing hardware on Embedded Devices
  • Stand alone applications using Java
  • Mobile application development using Android
  • Cloud Computing

Application Areas: Banking Applications, Online Sales, Remote Access and Control of devices

MATLAB & DSP VLSI Design & Verification

Developing Digital Signal Processing applications in real time using MATLAB / Simulink / DSP Processor

  • Image Processing ( Stegnography, Medical Image processing, Biometric Application, Image super resolution, etc.)
  • Speech Processing (Voice Biometrics, Speech Synthesis etc.)
  • Audio Processing (Compression Standards on Audio Acoustic..)
  • Video Processing (Motion Based Detection, Video Compression, MPEG, etc.)

Application Areas: Biometrics, Stellite Imaging, Aerospace & Defense, Digital Signal & Image Processing, Automotive, Industrial Automation, Bio-medical

Design & Implementation of projects on PLD device (FPGA-CLD) with the help of HDL programing language

  • Cryptography Cores / Verification projects (System Verilog, UVM, VMM, OVM Methodologies)
  • Signal Processing, Image Processing & Image Compression
  • Wireless Communication (Base Band Processing)
  • Interfaces (RS232,I2C, SPI)

Application Areas: Wireless Communications Standards - Zigbee, WLAN, Wimax, LTE, Security Systems, Power Electronics, Medical Electronics

Projects Take Away

  • Gain strong subject knowledge and their applications
  • Exposure to have hands-on industry standard tools
  • Ability to present solution for real time complex problem
  • Project learning, Implementation & documentation
  • Hardware* for demonstration
  • Certification which has industry recognition.

*Terms & conditions apply

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