Professional Diploma

Module 1: Programming in JAVA - CORE - 10 DAYS
Introducing the Java Datatypes, Operators Decision Constructs
Arrays & String Classes and Objects Static initializer blocks
Inheritance & Polymorphism Abstract Classes Interfaces and Packages
Inner Classes Exception Handling Java I/O
Multithreading,Concurrency Database Connectivity Generics and Collections
Web Application Essentials Developing a Servlet Handling Form Requests
Configuring Web Application MVC Design Implementing Developing JSP Pages
Filters in Web Applications Integrating Web Applications Developing Components
SELECT Statement Single Row & Group Function Multiple Tables Queries
Manipulating Data Creating Database Views and Indexes
Optional Modules
Programming in C C & Data Structure Mobile Application Development on Android


  • Web Application Development

Module 1: PYTHON Programming - 10 DAYS
Introduction to IDLE Decision Looping constructs
Exception Handling File Handling Functions
Object Oriented Programming Database Connectivity(MySql) List, Tuples, Set
Module 2: Data Analysis and Visualisation in Python - 10 DAYS
Numpy Dictionaries Pandas
Filtering Pandas DataFrame matplotlib scatter plot
Histogram Line plot  
Module 3: R Programming - 10 DAYS
Arithmetic with R Basic Data types in R Conditionals & Control Flow
Functions R Data Structure Vector, Matrices
Lists, Factors Data Frames Apply functions
Module 4: Hadoop - 10 DAYS
Introduction to Big Data HDFS Hadoop Ecosystem
Working of Hadoop MapReduce Installation & Configuration
Programming with RHadoop Pig, Hive, HBase  
Optional Module
Programming in C Java Programming C & Data Structure
Database : SQL    


  • Weather Data Analysis
  • Stock Market Data Analysis

Eligibility: BE/BTECH/MCA/BCA - ECE, EEE, CS, IS, IT

Module 1 : Programming in C - 14 days
Introduction to C Decision control statements Modular programming using functions
Preprocessor Arrays and Strings Multidimensional arrays
Strings - Character Arrays Introduction to Pointers  
Module 2 : Advance C & Data Structure - 14 days
Programming in the Large Recursion Advanced Pointers, DMA
Structure Advanced Structure Files I/O ; Data structures
Module 3 : GPOS & Shell Scripting - 6 days
Introduction to OS File management module process management module
shell commands shell scripts  
Module 4 : System Programming using LINUX - 14 days
Linux file management File related system calls File locking
Linux process management signals Pipes
Message Q Semaphore & shared memory pthreads
socket programming Memory management  
Module 5 : Linux Device Driver – PCI & USB Interface - 15 days
Introduction to Linux Device Driver Module dependencies and hardware management Character Driver
File operations IOCTL Interrupt handling
Work queue and Time management kernel recompilation Memory Management
Block drivers    
Module 6 : Embedded Linux - 5 days
Introduction to Embedded Linux Applications for EL, start up sequence, kernel build system Make file, Kernel initialization, kernel image
Beagle board    


  1. Simulation of System Programs / Tools / Management Systems
  2. Protocol based project using OS constructs like various IPC's including Client Server model, synchronization and message logging

Eligibility: BE/ME/B.Tech/M.Tech/BSc/MSc - ECE, EEE, Inst

MODULE 1 : C Basics – 12 days
Introduction to C Decision control statements Modular programming using functions
Preprocessor Arrays; Strings Pointers
Introduction: MATrix LABoratory MATLAB Programming Environment Manipulating Matrices in MATLAB
Graphics in MATLAB Environment Mathematical Analysis Optimization and Profiling
Import and Export Data GUIDE using MATLAB Subsystems Masking in Simulink
Block diagrams & Model building in Simulink Introduction: Simulink based System Development Creating User defined Blocks and Libraries
S-Function concepts Incorporating external C code Interfacing SIMULINK with GUIDE
Automating Simulation tasks    
MODULE 3 : DSP Concepts- 8 days
Introduction to Digital Signal Processing Signals and Systems Z-Transforms
Fourier Transforms IIR digital filter design DFT, Windows, and, Spectral analysis
Introduction to Digital Filter Design (Dfilt, Mfilt, Adaptfilt objects) Signal Acquisition, Sampling Theorem & Its Digital effects FIR digital filter design
Adaptive filters Stream Processing of Audio Signals Multirate Processing
Analysis using DSP System toolbox Analysis using Signal Processing Toolbox  
MODULE 4 : DSP Processors - 8 days
Introduction to Code Composer Studio IDE Embedded C Programming in CCS Introduction to DSP TMS320C6000 Architecture
Assembly Programming Code Optimization in TMS320C6000 Memory management
Embedded Programming: Mixing C & Assembly Real-time implementation C6713 or OMAP L138 Peripherals(EDMA, McBSP,...)
Introduction to AIC23/AIC3106 codec Interrupts Real-Time Projects using DSP Starter Kit


  1. Project based on C programming
  2. General MATLAB/ SIMULINK projects such as Design of calculator using GUI, Traffic light control module using Simulink, MP3 player design using GUI
  3. DSP application projects using MATLAB such as JPEG Compression algorithm implementation, Finger print Recognition, Skin cancer detection, Image super resolution
  4. DSP Hardware projects such as DTMF generation, speaker recognition, Adaptive filtering

Optional Modules

DSP Application Image, Audio and Video Processing - 22 days
Module 5: Speech and Audio Processing - 7 days
Introduction to Speech processing STFT, Speech Acoustic Models Basics of Audio Processing
Audio Processing Techniques    
Module 6: Image Processing - 12 days
Fundamentals of Image Color Models in Image and Video Image Enhancement Techniques
Image Morphology Techniques Introduction to Compression Compression std JPEG, GIF, TIFF,JPEG2000
JPEG compression standard    
Module 7: Video Processing -3 days
Introduction to Video Coding Motion Compensation based video compression Motion Estimation, Motion Vectors
Video Standards MPEG, H263 and H.264    


  1. Design process involves the design & validation of DSP Algorithms, porting the selected Algorithms, coding them in Embedded C and then debugging, optimizing, testing & integration of validated algorithms in an OS rich environment on the target platform.

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