Training Products

Bloom With Digital Signal Processing (BWD)

Bloom with DSP, in short BWD, is a training product that is designed to provide the user with a fundamental grounding in the theories and algorithms behind Digital Signal Processing. BWD is designed to lead the user from basic DSP concepts to target implementation techniques in a logical and coherent fashion. BWD can be used effectively by all aspiring DSP engineers irrespective of their technical background, provided that the user is familiar with elementary (undergraduate level) mathematics and ‘C’ programming language, and a little enthusiasm as well.

All the modules that are traditionally difficult to grasp in the DSP domain are presented in an easier and visually appreciable context in BWD, using enhanced graphical interpretations and representations. BWD uses a powerful approach to teach DSP, using popular simulation packages, extending up to development of optimized algorithms targeted at industry standard Digital Signal Processors, using their Integrated Development Environment’s (IDE’s).